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About US

Supercharged by curiosity

Here at ROIBOT we set out to create the unimaginable, a force to navigate trading markets for profit — all in the form of symphonic orchestrated automation.

Trading bots are not new; in fact, the majority of trades occurring on brokerages around the world today are placed by hedge funds and institutional players with access to big data, quantitative trading algorithms and available API technology.

Prior to 2009 all markets operated within set opening and closing hours. With the creation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, traders can now participate 365 days a year with 24/7 around the clock global trading potential.

This new digital asset market has supercharged the curiosity of our Chairman & CEO Sam Choksi to empower the technology available today with automated winning trade strategies on the blockchain network.

Today, ROIBOT Global owns and operates The ROIBOT FinTech Library and the ROIBOT Fund.
The ROIBOT FinTech Library researches and thoroughly tests trading algorithms suited to various digital and international markets;

The ROIBOT Fund is the practical application of our trading algorithms for personal & investor participation.

Collectively the ROIBOT enterprises intend to create value for stakeholders, philanthropy partners, and people in need.


Born into an entrepreneurial-minded Indian family it is no surprise Sam was expected to deliver greatness. Sam’s early accomplishments include learning website design & development at age 10; over the following few years he learned about buying, selling, supply, demand, product market fit, flipping for profit economics through online video games. The goal of “riches” in the game was to hunt enemies repetitively in the hope they would reward us with rare items like swords, shields, and rings.

20 Years of Tailored
Experience that Matters

By age thirteen Sam had set up robots or “bots” to mint treasures day and night by repetitively farming enemy level bosses automatically and collecting loot items – automatically.

Embedded by creating a “valued asset hunting by automation” system at an early age, Sam has since widened his technical knowledge to include website development, graphic design, and digital marketing initially. Over the past four years gaining expertise across all facets of cryptocurrencies and its applications in FinTech such as blockchain remittance, asset tokenization, trading indicator charting, and passive income staking.

Between 2007 and 2013 Sam earned a bachelor’s degree in hotel finance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas – a top three globally recognized hotel program. During his time at university he interned at The Hilton Times Square in New York and immediately after graduation was offered a role as Finance Manager in Training at The Four Seasons, Las Vegas – the hotel chain’s largest North American property.

Having a finance background from hospitality combined with the tech skill through websites and crypto, merged with his passion for automation led him in the creation of ROIBOT to mine income direct from the world markets.

Primarily focused on entrepreneurial ventures, I had been starting and failing many small capital required investment business ideas along the way and at the turn of the decade he remembered upon his childhood “means to an end” and in January 2020 took out on a venture to apply today’s advanced technology to mint profits from liquid markets.

“Today, we’ve launched The ROIBOT FinTech Library division to tailor make and test automated trading algorithms ensuring they are safe for real world use. We have also developed the ROIBOT Fund to run our algorithms in live trading markets which are open to investor participation.

We look forward to helping you however we can.”


-ROIBOT Founder,